October 4, 2010

Memo to Jeff Wilpon: Hire Ron and Keith!!!!!

The Mets finally announced that Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel are out as GM and manager. Not a major surprise. But what should be a major surprise is the new hires for the position. In our return to the blog, Benched NY says that the Wilpon’s should stop scratching their asses do something bold! The Mets should hire Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling to help run the on the field team! Here’s why:

  1. They know how to win.
  2. They know the Mets (ahem) talent.
  3. The fans will love it.
  4. They won’t be too afraid to challenge the Wilpon’s.
  5. They know how to deal with the New York media.

Since Ronny D. doesn’t mind travelling, let him be the manager and Cool Keith be the GM. Or vice versa. It doesn’t really matter. It only matters that the Mets head over to SNY and hire them immediately.

July 26, 2010
January 12, 2010

Knicks Letting Opportunity Slip Away

Another night. Another loss. The Knicks are now 0-2 on the most important 6 game span of the season, after getting trounced by the OKC Thunder 106-88. It wasn’t that close. Thunder superstar Kevin Durant scored 15 in the first quarter, 20 in the first half and 30 in the game to lead the way, as the Knicks continued to get outrun by teams. It’s troubling because we thought the Knicks were supposed to be a running team. Next up is Philly, who may be firing their terrible coach Eddie Jordan but still managed to topple the streaking New Orleans Hornets last night. 0-3 is simple not gonna cut it for the Knicks.

January 11, 2010

Knicks Road Trip Off to a Slow Start

Last week, Benched told you about the importance of the Knicks next six games on the rest of their season. Sadly, the old Knicks showed up on Saturday night and got outhustled in a loss to the Rockets in Houston. Not a good way to start the year. Things will not get any easier against the scrappy OKC Thunder tonight, but the Knicks could still lose tonight and finish the stretch 4-2. 3-3 is more likely, and 2-4 would be possible if the good Sixers show up. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The Decade of the Jets

Remember in Week 2 when the Jets were riding high from a game 1 victory and got to face the Pats at home? Remember how good everyone was feeling after the Pats were beat up by Sexy Rexy’s Jets? Then the Jets hit the skids during the middle of the season while the Patriots recovered to win the AFC East. Again. But after the first week of the second season, look who is still hanging around. The J E T S. Meanwhile, the Pats and their fans are completely lost, not knowing which way is up after the Ravens steamrolled them in Foxboro. They will say Brady was hurt, that they needed Wes Welker, or one of a thousand excuses. Here’s the truth - the Pats aren’t that good. The Jets need a few pieces to be scary good, and the Pats need to reload on D, the offensive line, and RB. The time of the Pats is over. This is the decade of the Jets.


Well, we were very wrong and the Bosh was very right. Sexy Rexy backed up his words and the Sanchize pulled through as the #6 seed Jets destroyed the Bengals on Saturday. The key here was an outstanding game plan for the Jets offense, a domination on both sides of the line of scrimmage and outstanding quarterback play by the Jets California Kid. The final score was 24-14, but let us say the game was never in doubt because the Jets were smothering. Great job out of the entire team, and especially the coach, who is the first Ryan to win a playoff game in the NFL. A lot of people are going to jump off the Jets bandwagon with the Colts coming up, but not so fast. More to come later in the week.

January 9, 2010

The Bosh Predicts The J E T S

The Jets real season starts today. We are the first team in NFL history to be favored to win but not actually giving points in the spread. Don’t try and figure that one out. Just stretch your legs out on the bandwagon while there is still plenty of room. That won’t be the case next week. Because despite all the Rex-speak from Rex, we all knew this was inevitable. These Rex-era Jets fans…well, let’s just say we are a different breed. The waitin-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop/it’s-only-a-matter-of-time-before-we-eff-this-up Jets fans are a thing of the past. Al Groh wouldn’t want to run into any of us in a dark alley, I can tell you that much.

So as you sit on your couch today and take down your queso, here are a few things to look for. If these things happen early as the Bosh expects them to, it’s gonna be a long day for nacho-cinco and the bungles.

  1. Thomas Jones goes off - We all saw it all season long. The Jets run game is unstoppable. TJ has been an unstoppable force for the last 6 weeks and Fanegold and the rest of the O-Line are the best unit in the L. Fact. If TJ is breaking off 6,7,8 yard runs early, it’s gonna be a long day for all 9 of you Cincy fans.

PS - Rumor is TJ has a special celebration planned for TD #3. You heard it here first….

  1. Dustin Keller goes off (Or at least shows up) - Cincy does have 2 decent corners. We need Dustin today. The Daily News agrees with me, so it must be true. The Daily News is never wrong.

  2. The Bengals test Darrelle Revis. Not sure why they would do it, but it wouldn’t be the dumbest thing Marvin Lewis has ever done so who knows.

PREDICTION: Jets 30 - Bengals 0. Yup, 0.

January 8, 2010

Locks Of the Weekend: Wild Card Weekend

Benched is back. So that means that the Locks of the Weekend are back.

Here we go:

Jets @ Bengals (-2.5) o/u 34.5

  • We love you Rex, but we don’t love your QB. The stats show that the Jets had a better season than the Bengals, but they are at home with a veteran if shaky QB. Rex is better than Marvin, but we’re going with the veteran at home in the wind.
  • Bengals and the under

Eagles @ Cowboys (-4) o/u 45

  • The Eagles have proven that they can’t handle the Cowboys D or stop their short game weapons. Winning three times against the same team is tough, but we have to do it.
  • Cowboys and the over

Ravens @ Patriots (-3.5) o/u 43

  • The Ravens aren’t that good. That’s why their record isn’t that good and they are playing on the road in the first round. The Pats also aren’t that good, but they have the QB and home field. That’s enough for us.
  • Pats and the under

Green Bay @ Zona (-1) o/u 47.5

  • This will be the game of the weekend in our opinion. Arizona showed nothing last weekend, but they will show up today. But we predict Kurt Warner coming undone in the second half, and Green Bay’s defense bullying them to a victory by giving Aaron Rodger’s a short field all day.
  • Green Bay and the Under

Tankism of the Day: Mark Your Calendars

In case you have nothing better to do with your lives, Tank wants you to set you calendar for next Wednesday at 2:30. David Wright will be in My Blue Heaven for what promises to be a provocative discussion. No flipping.

The Curious Case of the Daniels Boys

Here’s a head scratcher for you that was brought to our attention by loyal Benched reader @OSuPhan96. DaVaris Daniel (pictured) is a junior in high school and a top recruit who is being courted by Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Miami, LSU, Alabama, Ohio State and Georgia. He is also the son of Phillip Daniels, a 36 year old defensive end who spent last season with the Redskins. As @OSUPhan96 points out, “the dad is 36, if son is junior he is probably 16-17 or so … in other words, son was product of a dorm room orgy!" Hey-o!

Knicks Next Six Games Will Make Or Break Them

Last night’s win over the hapless Charlotte Bobcats helped the New York Knicks improve to 7-3 in their last ten games. Only San Antonio and Cleveland have better records than that over the past 10 games. We’re not lying. They now sit just one game out of the NBA playoffs, which is amazing considering how the team started the season. While there is still a looooooooooooong way to go, it just may be possible that this wretched bunch of players that will mostly be gone next year may make the playoffs. But the next six games are crucial to the rest of the season. Let’s take a look.

The Knicks head to Houston to take on a wounded but capable Rockets team, then to OKC to take on a dangerous and talented Thunder. They then get Philly on the road, the Raptors at home and then a home/home with the crappy Pistons, who are 0-10 in their last ten. The Knicks need to take 4 of these six, before getting 3 days off before taking on the Lakers at home. That matchup will be on ESPN on a Friday night, and could springboard the Knicks into the national NBA conversation. That is, if there is a national NBA conversation that talks about basketball and not violence. But it all starts during the next two weeks.

The Man Doesn’t Want You To Have Any Fun

Can’t we all agree that sports are great? And can’t we also agree that wagering on sports makes it even greater? Isn’t it nice that we can all be so agreeable? So why can’t the NYPD and prosecutors office get with the picture here? Just because some alleged Gambino mobsters have been running some internet sports betting sites that they have been investigating for two plus years, do they really have to shut it down before the playoffs start? If you have the guys beat, then why not just wait until after the Super Bowl and let America enjoy themselves. Seriously.

January 7, 2010

Fireman Ed Says Goodbye

We all had to say goodbye to Giants Stadium last Sunday. Fireman Ed did it in his own special way, by leading one final J E T S chant and yelling at someone in the crowd. What a special guy.

Free Plaxico! Free Plaxico!

Another blow for Plaxico Burress. His petition for work release has been denied by the New York Department of Correctional Services. Take note Gilbert Arenas. You could wind up headed to prison and doing the whole boat.

Stop The Presses: Red Bulls Hire New Coach

The Red Bulls have hired Hans Backe to be their new coach. Can you believe it? Hans effing Backe! For those that don’t know, Hans led two Danish clubs to league titles, and has also coached in Austria and Greece. He’s perfect for New York! And for those who don’t know who the Red Bulls are, they are New York’s professional soccer team that will play in Harrison, NJ.