September 25, 2009

Can Anyone Stop the Jets? No!

The Bosh is back. All hail the Bosh!

Reasons the Titans are in trouble. Deep trouble.

1. Jeff Fisher is the longest tenured coach in the NFL. And that’s a bad thing. You need fresh voices with pro athletes. That’s Running a Team 101. Everyone sweats Jerry Sloan, but has he won shit? No. Point is, again, Rex is the man.

2. Lendale White is fat, and probably not as thirsty as the pre-season. I’m sure he hit the sauce this week after Chris Johnson went off for 545 yds last week. Dude quits tequila and still can’t get carries. I would have done something to take edge off too. Can’t blame the guy. It’s a sickness.

3. Rumor is the Jets were working on a 10 man blitz this week with Revis covering everyone else. Typical Rex. Ahead of the curve. I never root for guys to get hurt because I am all class, but I think Vince Young makes an appearance this week. Not a good sign for Titans fans. Even though Vince is a future HOFer, not a good sign.

4. The Titans aren’t good. Their best player last year was Albert Haynesworth and he is gone. They didn’t add any talent. No one in their locker room actually believes the Titans are contenders. They were better last year and couldn’t close. All the experts are picking a Titans win bc the Jets are due for a let down and the Titans are in a must win. Please. The Titans know that if they lose this week, their season is over and they can go back to dranking. There does seem to be a lot of trash in Tennessee, huh? On the other hand, if the Jets win, they know that they are only 14 wins away from an undefeated regular season. One week at a time Jets fans, one week at a time….

Prediction - Jets 20, Titans 3
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